Directory of Geek Codes.

    These Codes were created for use in forum signatures, and ways of conveying personal information in a brief, condensed manner. This list is as extensively complete as I could make it be. Please e-mail me if you know of more Codes that should be on this list, or if a link has gone dead. Links are organized by availability and alphabetical order. Disclaimers: Inclusion of a Code in this list does not necessarily indicate that the author supports the opinions described in that Code; Codes are included for sake of completeness only. Since some Codes are used to explain personal traits such as sex life, some of these links will contain material which is "Not Safe For Work" and inappropriate for young or easily-offended readers; these links will usually be marked with a warning "NSFW" in their description.

Alphabetical index of all Codes listed here:

A / Angel Geek Code. / Archer Geek Code. / Australian Politics Code. / AmNinCode. / AFP Code. / APhiO Code. / Attrition Code. / Atheist Code. / B / Blogger Code. / Bob Code. / Brit Code. / Buffy Geek Code. / Bear Code. / BTVS Code. / C / Cat Code. / Catapult Code. / Charmed Geek Code. / Code Code. / Comic Geek Code. / CoSy Code. / Critter Code. / D / DD Geek Code. / Demo Scene Code. / Dragon Code. / E / F / Faerie Code. / Floyd Code. / Furry Code. / G / GargCode. / Geek Code. / Good Eats Geek Code. / Goth Code. / Gryphon Code. / H / Halfbakery Code. / Harry Potter Geek Code. / Hebrew Geek Code. / I / J / K / Knitter's Geek Code. / L / Lego Geek Code. / Linguist Geek Code. / Lion King Geek Code. / M / Mac Geek Code. / Magic Code. / Magic Code 2. / Marching Band Code. / Meta Geek Code. / My Little Pony Geek Code. / ModCode. / Moonie Code. / Multiple Code. / Muffdiva Code. / N / NetHack Geek Code. / Nexus Code. / O / ODP Code. / OmniCode. / P / Pearce Code. / Perl Geek Code. / Personal Growth Code. / Q / R / Rat Code. / Rescue Rangers Geek Code. / S / SCA Geek Code. / Scout Code. / Serial Killer Geek Code. / Sex Code. / Sex Code 2. / Ska Code. / Simpsons Geek Code. / Smurf Code. / Star Trek Geek Code. / Soc.Bi Code. / Soundheim Geek Code. / Space Geek Code. / T / Teen Geek Code. /Transformers Geek Code. / Twink Code. / U / UDIC Code. / Uk.local. / V / Vampire Code. / W / Wallflowers Geek Code. / Whore Code. / Wildfire Geek Code. / Womyn's Grrl Code. / X / Y / Yiddishkeit Code. / Z / Zoo Code. /

Original Geek Code, and accessories:

The original Geek Code (also called "Code of the Geeks") that started it all.
Geek Code Weapons Extensions, something suggested to be included in the original Geek Code, to go with the DOOM! category.
A suggested Geek Code extension for fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
More suggested extensions for the Geek Code.
Meta Geek Code, a sarcastic parody of the original Geek Code.

Other Codes, current:

Angel Geek Code, for fans of the TV show "Angel."
Archers Geek Code, for fans of the Archers.
Blogger Code, for people who keep web-logs.
Bob Code, for people who work in technical support.
Brit Code, for British people.
Buffy Geek Code, for fans of the Buffy movie/TV show.
Cat Code, for describing your pet cat. Previously located at
Catapult Geek Code, for fans of catapults.
Charmed Geek Code, for fans of the TV show "Charmed."
Comic Geek Code, for describing fans of comics. It's based on OmniCode.
Dragon Code, for describing dragons and other strange species. Previously located at
Furry Code, for fans of anthropomorphic animals, and for describing their personas. Tools for this code.
GargCode, or "Code of the Gargoyles," for fans of the TV show "Gargoyles."
Good Eats Geek Code, for fans of a certain cooking show on TV called "Good Eats." (Despite how the Code's title can be misread, it's not about the forces of Good devouring nerdy people.)
Gryphon Code, (mirror) created by the Gryphon Guild, for describing gryphon characters. Based on the Dragon Code. Previously located at
Halfbakery Geek Code, for users of
Hebrew Geek Code, for Jewish people.
Knitter's Geek Code, for people who like to knit.
Linguist's Geek Code, for people who like languages.
Lego Geek Code, for fans of LEGO toys.
Mac Code, for people who use Macintosh computers. "The only code with a graphical interface." Uses emoticons.
Magic Code, for people who do magic[k], and/or who are on the newsgroup alt.magick.
ModCode, for people with bodily modifications such as piercings.
Moonie Code, for fans of the young people's cartoon show, "Sailor Moon."
Muffdiva Code, for lesbians. NSFW.
Multiple Code, for people with multiple personalities.
My Little Pony Geek Code, for fans of the children's toy equines.
NetHack Code, for people who play the game NetHack.
ODP Sig Code, whatever that is.
OmniCode, which explains the basic sorts of things you'd like to know about any person, such as their gender, languages spoken, point of education...
Pearce Code, mostly about your sex life. NSFW.
Perl Geek Code, for Perl programmers. NSFW.
Personal Growth Geek Code, about your position in the New Age self-help movement.
SCA Geek Code, for people in the Society for Creative Anachronism.
Sex Code, the original. (Not to be confused with the other Sex Code, the one that's 404 right now.) NSFW.
Simpsons Geek Code, for fans of the Simpsons TV show.
Smurf Code, for describing Smurfs, the little blue cartoon characters, and people who act like them.
Soundheim Code for the fans of Soundheim.
Space Geek Code, for fans of the TV show "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast."
Transformers Code, for fans of the Transformers TV show.
Twink Code. NSFW.
UDIC Code, for people who play Ultima.
Uk.local.yorkshire Geek Code, for people in that place and in that newsgroup.
Vampire Code, also called Vamp Code, for vampires and vampire-fans.
Wildfire Code, for fans of the children's TV show, "Wildfire."
Womyn's Grrl Code for describing women and traits associated with dating. NSFW.
Zoo Code, for zoophiles. (In German.) NSFW.

Other codes, 404, archived:

Australian Politics Code. Archive. Code, or AmNinCode, for fans of the band NiN. Archive. Code, or AFPCode, for fans of the writings of Terry Pratchett. Archive.
APhiO Code. Archive.
Attrition Code. Archive.
Bear Code, for hairy gay men. Archive. NSFW.
CoSy Code. Archive.
Critter Code, based on the Dragon Code, for describing various species of characters. Archive.
Faerie Code, based on the Dragon Code, but specifically for describing faery characters. Archive.
Goth Code, for people in the Gothic subculture. The latter is archived, including these pages: index, FAQ, which says not to mirror them, V 1.0 encoder, V 1.0 Beta, V 1.1a, V 2.0a and V 2.5a. Unfortunately, the newest version, 98 or 3.0, is not available, even on the archives of the old mirrors.
Harry Potter Geek Code, for fans of the Harry Potter books. Archive.
Marching Band Code, for people in marching bands. Archive.
Nexus Code, "for the use of posters to the newsgroup and its associated mailing lists. It is intended to convey a brief summary of a fictional character's physical appearance and abilities." Archive.
Rat Code, for people with pet rats. Archive.
Rescue Ranger Code, for fans of that cartoon show. Archive.
Serial Killer Geek Code, for describing serial killers. Dark humor. Archive.
Sex Code, not to be confused with the smaller but original Sex Code. Archive. NSFW.
Star Trek Code, for fans of that TV show. Archive.
Wallflowers Code, for fans of the band Wallflowers. Archive.

Other codes, 404, no archive:

Atheist Code.
The Code Code. No link, but rumored to exist somewhere.
BTVS Geek Code.
DD Geek Code.
Demo Scene Code.
Floyd Code.
Lion King Code.
Magic Code, unless if it's just moved, and is the same thing as this other Magic Code, in which case it shouldn't be in this category.
Scout Code.
Ska Code.
Soc.Bi Code.
Teen Geek Code.
Whore Code, for people "who have made sex, knowledge, and shocking people a way of life."
Yiddishkeit Code.

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